spoon class photos

spoon class at Lie-Nielsen


Robin from Lie-Nielsen got a bunch of photos up on Facebook. I don’t go there myself, but I like that the Lie-Nielsen website lets you see the photos even if you are not a facebook-y person. 



In there, you’ll see Ben Kirk matching me beard-for-beard. I’m the one w/o tattoos. 

Will you be there in October? It will be great…


9 thoughts on “spoon class photos

  1. Thanks again for a great weekend peter and the rest! I’ve been at my stump for hours working some great black cherry crooks, also practicing the stabbing/slicing grasps. Terribly awkward at first, but it gets better. Thinking about signing up for the 17th century carving class! Take care -ben

  2. It was such a great weekend! So many spoon nuts in one place, it just had to be fun and inspiring. In fact, it was so inspiring that Ben Kirk asked his girl to marry him that weekend! Congrats to Ben and Chrissy!
    Hey Peter, would you mind if I blogged about what I learned that weekend and post a few of my own photos? Feel free to email me the answer…

  3. Peter,
    If you like Night Heron’s you should check out the restaurant in San Diego in Mission Bay. They have a pair that skulk around all day looking for food. People seem pretty fascinated with them and have named them Henry and Henrietta. Apparently Henry wasn’t content with the food he was getting and grabbed a small bird, walked over to the water and proceeded to drown it and ingest it. People weren’t so happy. The restaurant is at a resort named Paradise Point. They have a few restaurants, but this one is outside on the water. Long way to go to see a night heron, but if you’re ever in the area……..

  4. I always enjoy what you posts Peter.What knife are your students using? And have you ever considered coming to the Spoon Gathering in Milan Mn?
    Robin Wood will be attending this year & Jarrod and many other talented people on June 6th & 7th milanvillageartsschool.org/spoon_gathering.html

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