two subjects, no wood except what’s on fire

New posts here are few & far between, but here’s one from just before Easter. Not about woodworking, but about handmade stuff. We took the kids to one of our favorite potteries, down on Cape Cod. Scargo Pottery is in Dennis, just above Scargo Lake. It’s something else. We went because a raccoon had broken my birdfeeder I got there some years ago.The kids hadn’t been since they were tots, so had no memory of it. The castles that are mounted all around the grounds are captivating for adults, but even more so for kids. It’s especially nice to see the way the showroom & pottery itself blend indoors & outdoors so well.

scargo pottery

daniel & castle


castle detail



On the day we were there, they had a special kid’s gig, where the kids could make stuff w clay. Ours dove right in, having seen the castles for all of about 5 minutes, they then set out to make their own.

castle makin rose

castle making daniel

rose's coming along


I nabbed a new bird feeder, then added a bird house to boot. Daniel inspected one of the feeders.

new bird feeder

bird houses

then they told us there was a raku firing going on out back. so we stayed to see them pull the pieces (eggs) out of the kiln, then dump them in a bucket full of newspapers, and bop the cover on. the paper bursts into flame, the cover cuts off the oxygen, and weird stuff happens. Potters are nuttier than turners.


Next subject – the other day, one of our town librarians said to Maureen, “Didn’t you work with Paula Marcoux?” Yup. Well, her book is here, you should take it home. Cooking with Fire. What more do you need to know? who doesn’t like food & fire? I went right to the section about bread & pizza. I was hungry all over again. Get it.

paula's book

Here’s a promo she shot, one of my spoons makes a cameo appearance…I got the olive wood from her husband, whose name is Woodburn. Co-incidence? I think not…these people are serious about fire. 




9 thoughts on “two subjects, no wood except what’s on fire

  1. Thanks, Peter! Glad it’s making you all hungry. All the more reason to cook!

    I bought a Scargo Pottery bird-feeder for my mother when I was maybe 10 or 12, and they still have and use it. Just the other day when I was over there for Easter, I walked into it and nearly knocked myself out. Solid, I tell you what…

  2. “Potters are nuttier than turners.” You made my day, sir.
    That is a pretty remarkable place. I wishi lived closer.

  3. Did you make down 6A any further to the herring run at Paines Creek (aka Stoney Brook Gristmill)? The kids would love it if the fish are running. I remember being able to reach in and pull them out with my hands there were so many when I was growing up

  4. Should you find yourself back in Oregon (that state south of the Port Townsend school), stop by Fireworks in Corvallis or The BreadBoard in tiny Falls City for some fire-baked goodness. And while you’re here, feel free to retrieve a few of those barred owls that have wandered out this way, they’re bugging our spotted owls all to bits.

  5. Thanks for the tip on Paula’s book. We got it yesterday, and it’s more than we could have hoped for. Her humor is great, her knowledge is better, and my hat goes off to anyone who uses “appertenances” and “contiguous” in the same paragraph! Camping (in two weeks) is going to be a much tastier affair now…

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