Teaching & lecturing, rest of 2014



Although I can recite my travel schedule like Rain Man, fat lot of good that does folks out there looking for it written down. so now, 4 months late, I have updated the list. here’s the link, in case you’re looking for something to do.



If you want to skip the details, here’s the Readers’ Digest version

Apr – Rochester Woodworker’s Society

May – Lie Nielsen – spoon carving

June – SAPFM mid-year lecture/demo

June – Historic New England, lecture/demo

July – Lie-Nielsen Open House

July – Lie-Nielsen 17th-century carving

Aug – Woodwright’s School, make a joined chest

Sep – Heartwood (MA) – make a carved box

Oct – Lie-Nielsen – Spoon carving

Oct – Ct Valley School of Wood Working – Make a carved frame & panel.



One thought on “Teaching & lecturing, rest of 2014

  1. Heartbreak! I’ve been visiting my parents in central New York, within an hours drive of Rochester, but have to return to the north country to give an ash splint demonstration at St. Lawrence University this Friday and Saturday.
    And I just got a message that one of my ash logs and a handful of oak billets have been carried out of my yard and down the the river in high water, all of which I cannot go home and search for because my truck is getting new brake lines and a wheel bearing. On the bright side I just scored a huge straight chunk of fruit wood and the wild leeks are prolific.

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