SPOONS for sale, March pt 2

Bowl of March spoons
Bowl of March spoons


Well, I just got March pt 2 in under the wire. But tonight I posted a bunch of birch spoons, with one or two others besides. If you’d like one, leave a comment about which one you’d like. Then we can do the paypal business. I will accept checks too, if someone wants to go that way. Here’s the link, and it’s at the top of the blog front page.


There’s always more coming, so don’t worry if you miss out. I keep on carving. Some folks have asked about ordering spoons, and if you’d like to do that, we can work it out.
Thanks as always,
Peter Follansbee

3 Landing Rd
Kingston MA 02364






5 thoughts on “SPOONS for sale, March pt 2

  1. Would you care to do a blog post about the detail carving that you do on the spoons? I can carve a half-decent spoon, but I have quit trying to carve any details on the handles because they always look so bad. I suspect that I am using the wrong tools, but if there is a way to do that with a Sloyd knife, I’d sure like to know.

    • I’ll try later this week. You need a very sharp, pointy sloyd knife. I use a dedicated knife by Del Stubbs usually. Others too. I’ll shoot some stuff.

      • Thanks, I am looking forward to it. I love the shapes of your spoons, but I think the carving is what really sets your spoons apart. Mine always seem so drab in comparison with the plain handles.

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