It’s worth your time, believe me

I have much to write about, but this one’s easy for tonight…

Denne handsaga laga av Jan Arendtz var ein del av leveransen av verktøy i 1664. Tilsvarande handtak finnast mellom verktøyet frå Vasaskipet. Også Rålamb har teikning av ei tilsvarande sag. Det er eit fantastisk fint handverk i både bladet og skaftet. Foto: Roald Renmælmo

Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just get over to Roald’s blog & see the Skoklosters Slott tools in detail like you’ve not seen them before. If you are new to the story, it’s about a castle built in Sweden 1650s-1670s. They ordered a slew of woodworking tools from Holland, and they are still there. with the paperwork.

Roald Renmælmo posted his photos from a recent trip to study the tools. I have linked before to his workbench blog; along with his colleague Tomas Karlsson. Good stuff, they’ve even posted some stuff in English for us uni-linguists!

here’s the link –

5 thoughts on “It’s worth your time, believe me

  1. This is one of my favourite posts I’ve yet seen on Hyvelbenk. Great pictures, I just wish there were more of them.

    • Tomas Karlsson has also some pictures of one of the workbenches at Skokloster in one early post on our blog:

      We believe the bench is repaired several times but the latest changes are about 200 years old. The front vise and the square holes for, what we think; Roubo style bench hook, seems original. That could be from about 1650, but we are not shure. The till and the end vise could be made later. Also the row of holes for bench dogs could be from the same time as the end vise?

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