…the sweet sunny south, take me home

MESDA cupboard

Well, I’ll get to do some woodworking at least – I’m going down to the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA) on the 20th of March, to get set up for the Furniture Seminar on the 21/22 of March. The subject is turned work, so I’ll be taking a shot at the lathe from Old Salem. It’s a nice lineup, 2 days’ worth. Includes my friend Brian Weldy from Colonial Williamsburg/North Bennet Street and once from my shop too!

Here’s the link  http://www.mesda.org/programs_sprite/prog_calendar_sprite/mesda_2014-mesda-furniture-seminar.html

Look at the raking light that Brian and the other guys in the Anthony Hay shop get –  http://anthonyhaycabinetmaker.wordpress.com/





3 thoughts on “…the sweet sunny south, take me home

  1. That court cupboard is one of only 2 southern cupboards known to exist. It’s quite different than NE cupboards in that it is open on the top. Butterfly hinges are striking as well, they appear to be original. The back boards look to be pit sawn.

  2. Interesting piece in the picture. Why only one small door in the middle? Wouldn’t that make 2/3 of the cabinet difficult to access?

  3. I dont think southern pieces before 1700 would be radically different than New England pieces. Both were made largely but Dutch and English joiners, turners and the like. And my research into New England pieces that may have southern origins (ie, Virginia and Chesapeake region) is bearing some fruit. The distinctions between north and south are really anachronistic for this time period. Cultural distinctions did exist, however its also fairly clear that merchants of said period supplying items to the colonies (ie, the Dutch in a lot of cases) were equally indiscriminate about who they sold to here.

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