the only reference in this blog to Richard Milhous Nixon

I keep thinking about Richard Nixon. I don’t want to, but it happens. Remember when he famously stated “I’m not a crook.”? Well, of course he was lying…

but I have  been splitting & hewing crooks into spoons lately. Right after that cherry haul (and another cherry haul) I got 2 small piles of birch.



Most of these are just one spoon in each bend; there’s knots underneath the crook. splitting them is a combination of froe & hatchet work.

top yes bottom no

birch crook

axe & club



Then I start in hewing to begin to “see” the eventual shape.

axe work


Placement of the bowl is the hardest part to wrap your head around. The mistake I usually make is to place it too far forward. Here you see how the bottom of the bowl flows along the curved grain.



Then it’s back to more axe work. The more you take off here, the easier life is later.

more axe work

quit there


Megan Fitzpatrick swiped a photo of mine from last time; here’s her teaser about an article I did for Popular Woodworking:




6 thoughts on “the only reference in this blog to Richard Milhous Nixon

  1. lets not forget the other president that famously used a crooked line recently, if you like your insurance/ doctor you can keep it. just ordered the bowl spoon knife video can’t wait to watch it.

  2. Love your spoons! was wondering what axe you were using here-I’ve been looking for one like that with no success.

  3. Very neat, I have a number of birch branches I am just burning to keep warm (cut 2 years ago, air-dried). I wonder if I could try a little spatula or spoon carving with them?

  4. What amazes me is the accuracy you have with the hatchet. My experience with those has always been very random, chopping small branches or roots. It’s incredible that it can be turned into a more precise tool just with technique. I will have to add that to my list of things to try

  5. Peter, thank you. Very much enjoying your notes. Please tell more about the hatchet and possibly where available. All details are appreciated. I really want to do some riving, carving and spoon making. Soon! Thanks Dan Keane

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