“it’s perfect”

The package arrived the other day. I only had a little time to view the spoon & the video at lunch, so when I got home later, I was looking at Wille’s spoon and just wanted to show someone. I took it into the living room, where Daniel was drawing. I said nothing, just handed him the spoon.

He held it, looked it over, and whispered “It’s perfect.” As if it was so good you had to be quiet around it…


it's perfect


Last fall or summer, I forget which, readers of this blog responded with great enthusiasm for the fund-raising campaign that helped Jogge Sundqvist and others make the film that chronicles his father Wille’s woodworking journey. The film is now available as a DVD – and if you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to go order it. It is a treasure. I’m sure if you’re reading this blog, you’ll love this film. I am so pleased for Wille and especially Jogge to have completed the task of making this film – it’s a great accomplishment. 

Wille Sundqvist
Wille Sundqvist

details here:

The film will be on sale at Drew Langsner’s place  http://countryworkshops.org/books.html  and from Del Stubbs at www.pinewoodforge.com in the US. 36 $.+ shipping.

In the UK it will be sold by Maurice Pyle at www.woodsmithexperience.co.uk for 22 GBP + shipping.

In Scandinavia and other Europe you can buy it from  s u r o l l e.
Mail: jogge@surolle.se


5 thoughts on ““it’s perfect”

  1. Helping Crowdfund this project is one of the Best things I will remember doing in my life…seriously…
    The dvd is a gem showing a craftsman that we all wish we might be at some point in our short lives. I am so happy to think Willie’s insight of the world and his craft will be passed on to future generations. If you only buy one dvd in your life, this one will teach you the most about a life well lived…
    This is what successful crowdfunding is all about…
    Thanks Peter, Willie and Jogge…

  2. Although i was familiar with the work of Wille Sundqvist, i would not have become aware of the kickstarter DVD project had it not been for following your blog Peter. The DVD is now one of my most treasured, and though i purchased the signed copy, i too wish i had gone the extra and donated enough to have also received a spoon!

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