Getting ready for Bob’s place

I haven’t done any bench work in some time. My shop is almost all packed up, here at the house I now have a bench and tool chest. Just been too busy to get it organized. Soon, but not now. I’m off to Connecticut, the Wild West. To the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking to be specific.  Room for one or two more, I bet. Sounds like we’ll have some fun. I’ll get to carve again finally!- feels like ages…but it’s really been just a few weeks. We’ll see if I remember how. 



At the house here one day, I was shooting photos outside, but it was so cold that I thought I should put the camera inside. As soon as I did, sweeping along the river came a bald eagle – never saw one here before. So, the one that got away…but then I found some good birds in Plymouth the other day.

Hooded mergansers

Golden crowned kinglet skulking around the grass & leaves…

easy to miss
golden crowned kinglet

they flit around so much, it’s easy to miss them

GC kinglet

And them off they go…

kinglet flight


8 thoughts on “Getting ready for Bob’s place

  1. I was eye-level to a cooper’s hawk in My yard yesterday when the storm was more rain than snow. I think it was hunting the little birds that were hiding in the overgrown yew. I wouldn’t have known what kind it was if I hadn’t seen the other one with R & D on Sunday.

  2. Ditto to Joe,

    Looking forward to lots of fun and learning this weekend! And hoping for few bandaids and little snow!


  3. I was photographing in the cemetery next to the Woodcraft/Bob’s Place when a hawk screeched right over my head. I am pretty sure it was a red-tail. Sadly I only had my prime lens and no zoom or telephoto.

  4. Hello Peter,

    You may already be aware of this, but the blacksmith John neeman (Autine tools now) is making a hatchet that looks very, very similar to your favorite from Fuchs. Just thought you’d be interested if not already in the know. Cheers Rom

    Sent from my iPhone


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