I have a front row seat

I get a break today from packing & sorting in the shop…snowed in. Suits me fine. Last month we had a great snow storm, but the weather changed right after it & all the snow was gone in a few days. Sounds like this snow will stick around a while. I like it. A lot. Nice & quiet. Everything slows down in the snow. So today, I’ll be by the window, carving spoons, reading and watching the snow fall & the birds at the feeders. Reading/perusing a perfect winter book – Wyeth at Kuerners. When I was a young artist-in-training, this book was my education. It’s like watching over Wyeth’s shoulder as he composes his winter paintings in Pennsylvania. The other book I have had out since the last storm is the big Roubo book. That one you can’t hurry with, so the snow days are ideal for it. Last time I read about how Roubo wants the wood nice & dry, but not “too dry.” He must want it “just exactly perfect…” like the GD in May ’77. 

Here’s the first storm, today’s looks just like it. 

Jan snow
open out front
open out front detail
detail out front
up river
sun & snow
out the bedroom window
hooded merganser
3 robins & holly
3 out of 200 American Robins devouring holly berries


reading by window
front row seat

spoon drama
spoon drama

Here’s Heather on snow days – birds of a feather… http://heatherneill.com/studio-blog/2014/01/10/creative-hibernation/ 

Here’s the Roubo book standard edition: http://www.lostartpress.com/product_p/bk-roubo-std.htm

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