New Year’s Day

Briefly at the shop on New Year’s Day. Making basket rims for work begun a year ago! With all this knitting going on, we’re ripe for some new baskets.

First, riving hickory heartwood, using the shaving horse as a riving brake.

shaving horse as riving brake

then shaving the rims.

shaving hickory heartwood

I steamed them, and bent them around the baskets; an inner & outer rim for each. No time to shoot it, gotta act quickly.

hickory rims

then Daniel & I went to the beach to try to see the snowy owls. But it was bitter cold & windy. Not sure how far we would get, but it was worth a shot.

daniel twitching

This is about as close as we got, there’s a snowy way out on the beach…middle of this shot, above the wrack line. Take my word for it, I had some serious binoculars. So that’s about the view Daniel got. It’s what’s called “BVD” – better view desired.

dead center

We did see lots of dunlin & sanderlings. they’re used to this beach weather.

he's not cold




On our way back, we timed it just right (by accident) to witness this New Year’s Day Plunge. Ouch – I barely can get in that water in the summer. Today was 18 degrees F, with winds making it more like half of that…

plunge 1

plunge 2

plunge 3

plunge 4

plunge 5



7 thoughts on “New Year’s Day

  1. Nice post Peter,
    yet another way to hold wood for riving, but what is that waddy behind your left foot for? It looks like a 2 handed froe club but that doesn’t make sense, or does it?

    • Waddy? That club is indeed a large froe club. Mostly w a long handle so I don’t have to bend over to pick it up. When working in front of a crowd, I am aware of how my movements appear…I can find that club without looking, so keeping eye contact on the folks I’m talking to…froe in one hand, eyes on the people, then I grab that club & whack it.

      • Excellent, I’ve fumbled around for things behind me in the past, never would have thought to remake the tool to be easy to find.
        Waddy? My apologies, shouldn’t use colloquialism’s. the word popped into my head out of my child-hood when I trapped fur for pocket money. Here a waddy is a club of balance, weight and shape fit for purpose, usually walloping something. But I checked on the net too: from the Australian aboriginal word ‘wadi’ for war club. No mistake then that the densest wood in the world is from the Australian desert and is called ‘waddy wattle’ specific gravity 1.425 compare with, Lignum vitae 1.35.
        Oh and in the US waddy has apparently been used for cowboy which would be a bit confusing ‘grab that waddy’
        Cheers Graeme

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