2014 workshop schedule

Here’s the rundown on my teaching, lecturing, etc for the rest of 2014.


April 25th/26th Rochester Woodworkers Society, Rochester, N.Y. – I give a lecture on Friday evening, then 2 demos on Saturday.   http://www.rochesterwoodworkers.org/workshops.aspx


May 10th/11th – Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Spoon Carving class.

2 days of spoon carving instruction at Lie-Nielsen in Warren, ME. My first-ever attempt at teaching spoon carving. I am really excited to tackle this. If you read the blog, you know I have been carving spoons for many years, and every day for the past few.Axes, knives, spoons – what more could you want? Lunch, maybe – got that too.


nov spoons blog post photo

This one’s full, but we added a 2nd spoon carving class in October.



Sunday June 15th – Society of American Period Furniture Makers, (SAPFM) mid-year meeting, I think mine’s a part-lecture, part-demo. I know it is, in fact…this part is at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. The whole weekend has a slew of furniture endeavors, at Historic Deerfield, Wadsworth Atheneum, and more. Good stuff. http://www.sapfm.org/


Monday June 16th – Historic New England – another lecture/demo combo. This one is part of a 5-day Programs in New England Studies. I always wished I could attend one of these- now I get to, for one day anyway.


July 11th & 12th – Lie Nielsen Open House, Warren, Maine – just go. These things are a gas. I’ll be working on spoons, and maybe some oak carvings. Details to follow on the LN website.


July 19th & 20th – Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, 17th Century Carving  – I’ll be back at Lie-Nielsen again, this time for the oak carving class.

17th Century Carving

Two days of riving & planing stock, then learning to carve designs found on 17th-century furniture. We always have great fun at this class.



Aug 4-8th – Make a joined chest at The Woodwright’s School, Pittsboro, N.C. http://www.woodwrightschool.com/oak-chest-w-peter-follansbee/

mini chest

This time, Roy has been kind enough (or nuts enough) to agree to us trying to make a small joined chest in a week. A mix of riven oak and sawn boards (maybe pine – we have some details to work out…) – it will be much like the joined chest we did on his show this past season. (flat lid instead of panels though – enough joinery already) Riving, hewing, planing – mortise & tenon, then grooves & panels. If it works, it’ll be something. Well, it’ll be something anyway…I believe this one’s full as well, but you could always sign up for a waiting list. Someone might come to their senses & drop out.


September 22-26 – Heartwood School for the Homebuilding Crafts – http://www.heartwoodschool.com/coursefr.html

Recreate a 17th-century Carved Box


carved box 2011
carved box 2011

WOW – I’ll teach right here in Massachusetts. I was a student at Heartwood back in 1984 – and now 30 years later I’ll be teaching the make-a-carved-box class there. Riving oak, planing, carving, assembly – another mix of riven oak & sawn pine. Assembly with hand-wrought nails, wooden pins, and a wooden hinge. I’m really looking forward to returning to Heartwood.

(Will Beemer was able to find a photo that had me in it from 1984 – I’m the skinny longhair sorta just behind/above the fellow in white overalls…head down, arms up.)

PF at Heartwood

Oct 4th & 5th – Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Warren, Maine –

Sloyd Spoon Carving workshop – http://www.lie-nielsen.com/weekend-workshop/1-ww-pf-sc14  I am one of many who feel that early October is about the best time of year to be in Maine. so…let’s go.


spoon carving



Oct 11-13 – Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking, Manchester, CT.

Carving 17th-century style. http://www.schoolofwoodworking.com/woodworking-classes.html#Speciality_Weekend_Classes

red oak frame & panel
red oak frame & panel

This one’s a 3-day class in making a frame-and-panel. mixture of riven and sawn oak, a crash course; riving, hewing & planing. Then carving, then mortise-and-tenons by hand. Drawboring to fasten. Bob Van Dyke runs a great place there. Fun will be had. Watch in horror as Bob loses it when we look at period carvings, “All I see is faces” says Bob.

One thought on “2014 workshop schedule

  1. any classes in 2015? Also the two dvds are out of stock from lie-nielson-any suggestions where else to get them before Christmas?
    You are the person my friend would most watch work for hours and learn everything you do in woodworking..

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