Spoon carving class May 2014 – get it while you can


basket of spoons
basket of spoons

While we’re all on a spoon kick, (thanks to Robin Wood’s post yesterday) I want to remind you of a class I’m teaching this spring at Lie-Nielsen. http://www.lie-nielsen.com/weekend-workshop/ww-pf14-2

It’s 2 days in May in Maine. That should be enough, but it’s fun w axes, knives and hook knives. So how can you go wrong? It’s my first time teaching this class & I am very excited about it.  I think this will be the third year in a row I’ve spent a week in May in Maine. It’s hard to beat.

They tell me there’s several sign-ups already, maybe half-full or more. So if you’re thinking about it…don’t take too long.

Dates are May 10 & 11, 2014. I’ll be out birding in the early hours, then we hew & carved from 9am…


9 thoughts on “Spoon carving class May 2014 – get it while you can

  1. You should consider a small detour to watch the alewives run in Damariscotta mills… truly one of New England’s great natural spectacles. May 10th is just a touch on the early side, but you will undoubtedly see some action. Lots of related bird activity too… the run is a bonanza for gulls, osprey, eagles etc. Damariscotta Mills is not so far south of Warren, and just a couple of miles west of route 1. Glad to share parking tips and directions if you are interested.
    Tim Brosnihan
    Bath, ME

  2. I signed up a few days ago. Can’t wait. Btw, looks like they will be putting an order in to Nick Westermann for tools. I have tools, and Nick’s seem pricey, but they are hand forged… Peter, your thoughts on them? For that price I could get one of his axes, which I covet, covet, covet.

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