notes from the shop

A few notes from the shop – it turns out I will not have any more spoons for sale this month.  A couple of people wrote & ordered some, and those I have just about done. But I decided not to tackle more. It was getting too hectic, and I have enough to grapple, cleaning out this stuff.

where to begin
where to begin

I will have one more carved framed panel, if anyone is interested. I cut the frame at the Lie-Nielsen event at Phil Lowe’s the other day…so I just have to clean it up a bit, and take proper photographs.

last one for 2013
last one for 2013

Meanwhile, the best day in the shop in ages was Sunday, Daniel came back. Can’t say too much, he’s making a Xmas present. But we had a great time. Being in the public eye 8 months out of the year means the kids only get to the shop during the 0ff-season. So we’re making the most of it right now.


Then, this red-bellied woodpecker sat right out the upstairs window at home. You can tell he’s a red-bellied, because the red head is not all-over. I didn’t name these creatures…in the last shot you can actually see a smudge of red down near his nether parts. That’s where his name comes from. His belly is mostly white, with a streak of red. a faint streak.

I’ll be posting my teaching schedule for 2014 soon. It’s a busy one…


6 thoughts on “notes from the shop

  1. Good Luck moving the shop Peter. I just relocated after 15 years… oh what fun. On a good note you will be amazed at what you find !!

  2. Your bookshelf looks a lot like mine! I just got done reading your joint stool book. It is very inspiring. I’m in Cincinnati right now but I will be moving back to Maine ( where I’m from ) and plan on finding some oak!

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