knitted interlude

The kids are the real creative ones around here. Us grownups try hard to keep up. While I have been fooling around with spoons and things, Maureen has been knitting away for a craft sale she’s participating in. Here are some knitted and felted bowls she finished the other night. If you drop these bowls, they don’t break!


It’s great to hear her needles clicking away again; when the kids were really small she didn’t get much chance to knit. Now they are learning too –


Here’s a couple more samples of Maureen’s recent output. and the flyer for the sale. It features work of many friends and others, so if you are near Plymouth, Massachusetts and inclined the dates and times are on the flyer. Starts today, Saturday December 7th.  Dig it.




Many Hands Flyer 2013 (2)

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