One more beach photo, no – 2

Any marine skeleton ID experts out there?

I walked the beach with our friend Marie the other day…we saw the owl, some very cooperative snow buntings, a lapland longspur and a few shorebirds. While walking, she had told me about a dolphin she’d seen washed up back in September, then all of a sudden we nearly walked into it. But is it a dolphin? Now I wish I had looked more closely. Snout seems long, but I’m strictly amateur at marine mammals or otherwise.




5 thoughts on “One more beach photo, no – 2

  1. Looks like a dolphin to me, Peter, but I’m no expert either. The teeth are what makes me guess dolphin. I believe it’s upside down too. Have a blessed day in creation!

  2. Peter,

    I forwarded your marine skeleton post to my daughter on the staff at The College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor. Here is her reply.

    Dick , Durham, NC

    Hi Dad,

    All agree it is a dolphin (it is upside down, which makes it less obvious at first look). Likely a common dolphin, delphinus delphis, because of the long rostrum. My colleagues upstairs were talking about tooth counts, etc to decide for sure!

    I wonder if he reported it, museum or marine mammal group would likely want it.

    Thanks for sharing, Dianne

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