the highlight of my Turkey-Day

oak panels

Thanksgiving in the US is a big deal. But not for me in the usual way. I hate football, drinking & eating turkey & the “fixings” – always have. But Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Plymouth – that’s the scene, whether it really started there or not. I can’t care, as my friend Pat would say. Working at Plimoth means huge crowds on Thanksgiving, maybe 4,000 people Thursday and the same or more on Friday. 20 years of working those days can also make you a bit dazed…

I split, hewed & planed lots of red oak – big movements are easily seen by big crowds…

Folks were nice, but kinda quiet. At least they weren’t breaking out in fist-fights like many shoppers were. So while I was working away, my mind was often on Bill Coperthwaite. I took his book with me to the beach, where I had lunch. Read snippets here & there. His tag line is often quoted, “I want to live in a world where people are intoxicated with the joy of making things.”

Back at the bench, I was speaking to a family/couple – I forget who was who. But one woman watched for a while, turned to her husband & said – “It makes me want to go home & make something!”

I thanked her. She made my day. Bill’s too I bet.

some color injected into the blog, courtesy of Maureen’s knitting
snow bunting
one of many snow buntings, after the peregrine falcon went through

rt hawk
Red tail hawk outside the shop

for more on Bill, see the following:

from Doug Stowe’s blog Wisdom of the Hands

Another, I don’t know these folks, found them on the web


I’m sure there’s more. Now, go make something…


4 thoughts on “the highlight of my Turkey-Day

  1. HI Peter,

    The Circle In Blog is from my dear friends and neighbors Josh and Melanie. They have been working with Bill on building a wooden yurt for their house. Josh is still milling the wood. Bill meant a lot to them and I am sure his loss is keenly felt in their family. I haven’t talked to them since Bill’s passing but I know he was the motivation to sell trade their city life and busyness for a spot in the Maine woods.

  2. i met Bill years ago when i thought i might build a yurt. i walked into the property, we had a wonderful visit. another connection was the Nearings whose books i had read. Bill told me to visit Helen N but it was at the end of my trip and i did not have time to arrange it. shortly after Helen died, also in a car accident.
    i saw Bill last summer at the Goodlife Center where he held forth giving a talk. Eliot Coleman was also there. i have pictures of the event.

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