Wille’s spoon carving book available again

I saw from Drew Langsner’s newsletter today that Country Workshops has the reprint version of Wille Sunqvist’s book now available for sale. Here’s what Drew wrote about it:

“Carving spoons and bowls continues to be an area where more and more woodworkers find their special niche. The English version of Wille Sundqvist’s book “Swedish Carving Techniques” was published by Fine Woodworking in 1990. Perhaps 10 years later it was discontinued. Used copies became expensive, if you could find one.

We are pleased to announce that this classic book is available once again. Nothing has been changed, except for the inevitable price increase. Now available from the CW Store. You can purchase a copy by phone (828- 656- 2280) or e-mail.”

It’s a great book – I refer to mine continually. Here’s their website, http://www.countryworkshops.org/index.html  you can contact them through there. The book is not yet on their website, but the newsletter says it’s available. I think it said $25 plus shipping…you can buy it elsewhere, but why not get it from the folks who brought Wille’s work to the forefront here in the US?

PS: a quick clarification: Here, I had mentioned there’s a companion video available as well. I should have been more clear – there’s a video Taunton Press shot at Country Workshops in 1988 of Jogge Sundqvist making a spoon and a bowl. It’s a great how-to video, well worth having. The new video about Wille Sundqvist’s carving is not yet available. It will be before too long. I will shout it from the rafters when it’s out. Sorry if I got things mixed up…

Thought you’d like to know.

5 thoughts on “Wille’s spoon carving book available again

  1. I missd that the video (DVD) was released. it seemed that only wo weeks ago Jogge mentioned that they were doing the final editing. This is great news and I hope people ake advantage of the book. So many more peole are interested in the craft now then there was 23 years ago. All the workshops the you Drew and others have given has certainly built up a market. Good work.

    • Whoops – not THAT video. The one I mentioned is the one Jogge shot back in 1988. The new one ABOUT Wille’s work will be later. I’ll shout it loud & clear when that comes out. sorry for the mixup.

      • Thanks Peter.
        I read the “full version” of the newsletter so I got unconfused. Thanks for all your workshops in popularizing greenwoodwork and spooncarvng. I learned on my own the hard way 40 years ago and then got Drew’s Green Woodworking and next Wille’s Swedish Carving Techniques .Their books taught me how to work more efficiently.
        I posted a copy of Country Workshops newsletter with the information on the Spooncarving, Green Woodworking and Sloyd FB page.
        Last february Taunton had litle interest in reprinting Swedish Carvng Techniques when I emailed the publisher about the idea. I said here was alot of inert and demand mentioning the prices on the used book sites. Another person emailed saying we had a group of 700 people wh were interested. He conacted me to verify the number I said yes, indeed. He was impressed and said a reprint of a thousand would be likely. They will keep in stock.
        We got an annunce ment about 12 days ago and in a week 250 copies were sold!

  2. Hi Peter,

    Thanks very much for spreading the great news! And just in time for Christmas!

    Best wishes to you and your family for a great Thanksgiving!


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