Stuff that’s not mine

I haven’t taken many photographs lately, so I have little to post about. So two things, no, three from others.

A few weeks ago, our friend Marie photographed this screech owl in a tree – a good shot, Marie

Marie's screech

She also, while suffering from MLB (Major League Baseball)  withdrawal, sent this link to the highlights of the Red Sox/Cardinals World Series. If you missed the Series, here it is in just a few minutes. I could have saved several hours’ worth of time.

And, just around the bend from here

September Jones River, 2012
September Jones River, 2012

are the other MLB guys, (Michael L Burrey &  crew) as recorded in Rick’s Blue Oak blog –

Me, I’ve been sorting stuff, thinking about moving the tools, and talking to school kids in droves. I’m wiped. Off to pack some spoons for shipping.



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