know your own bone (bone/river – what’s the difference?)

Here’s the usual view of the river.

Jones River
Jones River

Been here all these years, but finally got around to walking downriver in low tide last month, for a heron’s eye view. Took a bit of trickery; lots of slippery rocks. A small stool helped us get down there.

into the river
into the river

It’s a different point of view, for certain.

in the thick of  it


What I didn’t expect was that we had to look at every step of the way. Not just for slippery rocks, but shards of glass & ceramics…


watch your step


We could have filled a basket/bucket had we brought one…click the photos in the gallery to see them larger. There’s scads more down there.


Today it was back to business as usual for the river –


Our gig today was much more straightforward. Apples. We have one of our remaining large apple trees that gave forth in abundance this season. But the tree is so overgrown that we borrowed an old apple-picker.  The kids gave it a try, but hard to manage that VERY LENGTHY POLE.

Kids give it a whirl
Kids give it a whirl

They ended up helping a great deal; working the angles. fetching the apples out of the catcher…

got one

I had to give it a try…I’d say the pole is about 12 feet long or so. Very light weight.

I had to try it


But still, you feel like you have to get up on tip-toes to reach the higher apples. And of course, those look to be the best ones.

still gotta go tiptoes

We’ve been having apple pies, crisp, sauce and more. What could be more fun?

basket by Louise Langsner


5 thoughts on “know your own bone (bone/river – what’s the difference?)

  1. I wonder from whence cometh the pottery?

    John M. Johnston “P.S. If you do not receive this, of course it must have been miscarried; therefore I beg you to write and let me know.” – Sir Boyle Roche, M.P.

  2. Nice!! I can see what you meant by them being rather grubby. I will experiment with my own finds and let you know the results.

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