Blog house-keeping

I stink at keeping the blog’s extraneous stuff up-to-date. I fiddled with it a little bit tonight. I updated the “Carved boxes, etc” page – it now includes the carved bookstand I wrote about in the recent Popular Woodworking (Oct 2013) as well as the remaining boxes I have for sale. For some reason (I care not) the URL still says 2012, but the content is up-dated.)

carved bookstand
carved bookstand

– —–

The Wille film.


On the sidebar of the front page, I dropped the link to the kickstarter site for the Wille Sundqvist film.  The project reached its goal in spades,  – but I will keep everyone updated when I hear more about it. This is a project I am so excited about, I can’t stand it. For the record, here’s the link

I had a note a while back from Erik Buchakian (Country Workshops board member) about the tracking of where the donors came from:

“I thought you might like to know – Kickstarter does that creepy Internet thing, where it keeps track of where people “clicked” from in order to get to the site.  By far the most donors to the Wille film got to the Kickstarter site from your blog – something like 30%.  Good work!!!!”

To which I say to you blog readers – Thanks ever so much. Nice going.


my spoons –

basket of spoons
basket of spoons

I haven’t had spoons to sell for a while. You’ve noticed I guess. Many have asked. As you might have read, I spent much of July & August on the road teaching classes. I started in again on spoons last week & hope to have some in a few weeks’ time. But then I have to go to Woodworking in America where I need to have spoons for show & tell. So it might be late October when they are next for sale here. I’ll be posting some stuff about making them in the next few weeks, then will give a heads-up when I fill that basket again.


There’s lots of new readers subscribing, thanks & welcome aboard. If there’s something in particular about oak furniture of the 17th century you’re looking for, a reminder that there’s a search button on the sidebar. The posts go back to Jul of 2008, so lots of stuff to cover.

– —–

Birds – Ahhh. this one’s tough.

heron closeup

I have had zero time for birds. None. Kills me – ALMOST. My  free time usually spent birding has been spent pitching, so it’s worth it. Migration will come again, but Daniel will be a 7-yr old baseball fan only once.  I have no pictures, but Rose rides her bike now too – so I don’t know which way to turn.


daniiel at bat


Enough housekeeping. Woodworking tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Blog house-keeping

  1. An Aluminum bat??? I’ve make close to 100,000 wood ones over the last 12 years. I might have something here kicking around from the business I sold I could send him.

  2. Peter,

    Was in Milwaukee this past week and looked up your chair. Current condition. The right shoulder separated and front only of the back failure from the pins.

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