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Now to follow up the Providential Fanback Story…

What happened to the spoons? some of you ask…Nothing happened. Literally. I drove & drove, (2 trips to North Carolina & 1 to Maine) and that cut into some carving time. Then when I was home, I was doing family stuff…and trying to catch up with yard stuff (failing badly at that…but if I have to let one thing go, that’s the one…)

There will be spoons one day, maybe soon. Maybe not. I am doing a session on how I carve spoons this year at Woodworking in America, Cincinnati, Oct 18-20. http://www.popularwoodworking.com/woodworking-blogs/editors-blog/woodworking-in-america-2013-october-18-20  – so some spoons I have to keep back so I can show the audience what the heck I am talking about.

knife grip scissors


knife grip 2

But I am picking them up again. I see about 5 of them here in the “finished” basket, and there’s a few in the in-process basket. There’s also the new carved book stand featured in the most recent Popular Woodworking magazine – I’ll put that up for sale soon, when I update some stuff. I have one carved box left, so time to mess with the for-sale pages here.

But the news – If you read the post about the impending fanback windsor chair, it’s not just the need for a new kitchen chair that has me twisting in the wind. I made a few baskets last winter/spring, but have yet to shave handles for them. And there’s the unfinished Swedish style carved wooden bowls. I’d really like to get more involved with this sort of work. These are just two more examples of some woodworking I’d like to tackle that doesn’t involve 17th-century joiner’s work.

I have actually been cleaning the shop. A lot. For real. I got news sometime this season that the museum plans to renovate the building I work in, possibly starting in December. That means I need to find a place to put my stuff while the rehab project goes on. I certainly have enough tools to outfit a home shop and one at work too, so that’s not the issue. It’s where to go. I intend to see about the town regulations surrounding building in the watershed, but expect to get shot down there. Even if I can go ahead, I need to find someplace local soon for short-term. I have one lead, but want to explore others. Any local (near Kingston, MA) readers with an extra outbuilding…I’d be interested in hearing from you.

Meanwhile, I have some projects to finish, and that big log to convert to boards. https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/2013/08/02/i-dont-have-time-for-this/



 I keep sorting & sifting stuff. 3 months & counting. Somewhere in that heap is a chunk of butternut from the Blizzard of ‘78. I find it every year when I clean up…when I see it this time, I’m going to make a spoon from it.


6 thoughts on “Further directions/news

  1. Could I buy the spoon? And is there a way I could get some of those shavings…. or do they all go to the village? I can’t remember

  2. Peter, A real bummer about having to empty the shop. You know were I am, not local but I have space in a barn I rent, if you end up needing space to store stuff. I have a trailer if you need that kind of help also. Would be willing to trade for rent, and transport. Let me know if I can help


  3. I tried to figure out a shop space for a long time and finally ended up converting the dining room in my apartment into a miniature shop. I had to put up temporary wood floors and walls but it works for now. Hope you figure out something, I’d like to see some of your non-17th century projects. Good Luck.

  4. Hi Peter,
    I too wouldn’t mind seeing what else you have up your sleeve, so hope the clean-up and relocation are fast and easy for you. Off topic as so many say but given your penchant for birds thought this blog might interest you http://stevex2.wordpress.com/ the latest post ‘The Ashley’ is on the shorebirds at the estuary of the river that I cross several times a week but too far inland to appreciate these for myself. Steve has some stunning photos here.

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