yesterday’s photos

this guy was around again yesterday, didn’t see it this AM.  Still haven’t seen it catch anything in the yard. 


heron profile

Finished this wainscot chair yesterday at the shop. It’s a mixed-up bag. Size, format, etc taken from one I copied a few years ago, but I substituted a variety of carving patterns instead of the originals. I want to make a straight copy of the original again, but for now…this is it. 


wainscot chair done

7 thoughts on “yesterday’s photos

  1. I’ve seen those herons eat small garden snakes around my area, perhaps that’s what he’s looking for.

    The chair is terrific! The patterns you chose are great. I really like the large S curves near the seat. Awesome stuff as usual.

  2. Peter –
    Beautiful chair. My daughter saw the picture and just said “Whoooooaaa.” I think that’s high praise from a third grader. A question, what is the undercut on the back-end of the arm? Is that just a decorative element, or something else?

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