summer birds

It’s been a slow year for me, bird-wise. I went to Maine a week too early to catch the best of migration there in the spring. Summer is always slow, although now fall migration has begun out on Plymouth Beach. I just haven’t got to see any of it yet. I usually wait til after Labor Day. 

But for the past 3 days, we’ve had this heron hanging around our yard. Not in the river, but up in the grass. Weird. I offered the kids a 50-cent reward to anyone who sees him eating whatever it is that brings him up in the yard. 

heron standing

At first it seemed he was just hanging around. I checked the tide, and it was up very high. So I figured he was waiting for it to come down. But after watching him a while, it seemed he was stalking stuff….he walks, he stalks…

heron shuffles

heron strides

Here you can see how far up he’s come. Once (when my camera was not handy) he came up to where the bird feeders are, even further from the river.

overall shot
overall shot

While I had the window open to shoot this guy, two hummingbirds were tussling over the sugar-water feeder. Here’s one

hummer landing

hummer flight

hummer posed


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