at Ed’s place

As many of you know, no visit to the Woodwright’s School is complete without a trip upstairs to Ed Lebetkin’s tool store…

I long ago gave up the notion of trying to get away without spending any money; it’s easier to just accept your fate if you go there. I really don’t know of many physical places anymore that have this many tools worth plowing through. At Ed’s it’s not like you have to sift through boxes of junk to get at the good stuff. It’s all worthy, good stuff. 

Here’s some general views 

ed's store p 2


ed's store


ed's chisels


I came away with an interesting plow plane, and my usual half-dozen piercer bits. I was looking at a European model, when Ed showed me this very simple one. So back went the Euro plow, and this one’s now here in New England, ready for tinkering at some point – next month. I have no time for fiddling with it right now. Looks like birch to me. 


simple plow overall

detail 1

detail 2

detail 3

detail 4


7 thoughts on “at Ed’s place

  1. Nice little plow. How wide of a iron will it take? Ed is a great guy on the phone and net, but I need to win the lottery before I step foot in that store.

  2. Thanks for the photos of  the tool store. Would like to have a better view of the price tags on the wooden planes. From the prices I could see on the chisel I can see why they are still in the store. Tom


  3. Looks like a true Yankee Plow Plane! I tried to enlarge the photo of the toe to see if there was a makers stamped mark. Is there one?

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