a couple of small things

Packing to go to Roy’s this week. Joint stool class, followed by TV shooting…so I have been very busy, but not much to write or show…


here is a neat little thing a friend brought in the other day for me to look at. I had nothing concrete to say about it, other than it’s really nice. Said to have been brought from England or Wales, guessing by the family story late 19th/early 20th century. Looks like it’s seen a lot of use, for some reason or other. Hung on the wall…

front viuew


painted panel

mini cupboard


Here is my small joined chest. It was really hard to not carve this. It’s semi-assembled, but I knocked it apart today to pack in the car. We’ll build it on Roy’s show. If all goes well…

mini chest
joined chest, H: 20″ W: 30″ D: 15″


chest floor
inside, showing till & floor

Meanwhile, at the house – “PLAY BALL!”


Just read Phil House’s book Perfect Once Removed. A reminiscence about 10-yr old Phil, finding out his cousin was Don Larsen, who later that year (1956) pitched a perfect game in the World Series.




3 thoughts on “a couple of small things

  1. The wall cupboard and your small chest are nifty. It might be helpful when photographing objects that differ from customary scalu that you include in one shot an object that has a recognizeable size. A ruler clashes but a stick with altermnate one inch colors would help. This would also assist anyone who wished to build the object. No Coke bottles.

    Is the wall cupboard assymetrical? Was it cut down? Doesn’t look like it.
    Is the sliding door original? I don’t think I have ever seen one.


  2. Peter- Jennie again!
    Speed off and do your thing.
    Sayhello to Roy >tr let me know about the small chest.

    A chest with one pilaster
    May have stated ff standing on the ground.
    it looks strange as a wall cupboard
    Any evidence of a till?
    Look around sliding door to see if phantom woodwork
    suggests a hinged doors or drawers.

    Paddy was a Welshman
    Paddy was a thief
    Paddy came to my house
    And gave my cupboard grief.

    Then I went to Paddy’s house
    Paddy was in bed
    The pilaster that he stole
    I broke upon his head.


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