New spoons for sale


spoons in basket


Once again, I have to thank everyone for the support in my spoon work. For a long time, my main bag has been the carved joined work, but I’ve been carving spoons even longer than that…and this gets me doing it even more. Without a workshop at home, the spoons are perfect to keep me occupied.

This month’s batch got posted today – I just finished photographing and listing them. If you’d like to see them, here’s the link. Also on the top menu too. Ordering details on the page, any questions, leave a comment & I’ll try to sort it out.

2 thoughts on “New spoons for sale

  1. I have a quick question. I have been carving spoons for a year or two and I spend seemingly way too much time finishing (almost twice as much time as the hatchet and knife work. I am wondering if there is a short cut I’m missing. I suspect I’m putting down the hatchet too soon and the knife as well but I’m not sure how to get the smooth polished look I want without time consuming sanding.

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