weak & pathetic shavings

Slogging through some progress on the small joined chest. Here you can see its simple decoration – chamfers around the panels.

front view


Looking into the chest, I have yet to fit the rear panel. The two outer floor boards (white pine) are test-fitted, and after assembly a final tapered board will fit between them. These all will have tongue & groove treatments on their edges.

inside view



yesterday I worked on joining the frame for the lid. Today I will put panels in this and the rear section of the chest.

frame for lid

But it was so humid yesterday that the shavings didn’t curl as I was planing the oak. They came limping out of the plane, all wet & weak. I felt just like them…

flat shavings

flat shavings 2


Here’s where it is now. Off I go.

on bench_edited-1


5 thoughts on “weak & pathetic shavings

  1. It’s unusual to see one of your joined chest with no carving on it. Still looks great though. I never realized that the weather could have that effect on shavings. Pretty wild.
    I’ll be in your class at Roy’s starting on the 15th. I have a feeling that first day is gonna be a hot and humid one; but a very enjoyable one.

  2. Interesting to get your take on humidity Peter. I find similar issues down here in the Chesapeake region.

  3. Hi Peter, I noticed a bevel in the inner part of the posts. Is that to make driving the pegs easier?

  4. I’m right there with you Peter. The past month at the Steppingstone Museum I have experienced the same thing. I’m starting to wonder if my lumber supply is going backwards from air dried to green. One of the things our visitors always enjoy is when we make spills on the spill plane. Kids love to take their spill as a souvenir. The problem is with the humidity so high the dang things don’t curl up and I get these limp fettuccine shavings instead.

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