film about Wille Sundqvist

There is now a kickstarter fundraising site set up to help get the film about Wille Sundqvist underway.



I’m in a rush right now (clean up shavings in the kitchen from last night’s spoons, help get the kids off to school, me to work, etc) – so I will write at length about this later. But let’s get it together to raise this money pronto. Shouldn’t be hard. When you get to watch this video, you will be amazed. Here’s a snippet from the kickstarter blurb

“The biggest risk this project is that Wille Sundqvist is 87 years old. He is getting tired of age but still he is working with craft everyday. Last week when I talked to Wille he said he was in good shape and that he was eager to start with recording the film in June. He told me he is refusing all orders just to make bowls and spoons for the most generous donors. This tells us how he looks upon his own status. But of course everything can happen with a man at his age.”

If you are leery of using kickstarter, you can send a check to Drew Langsner.

Make it out to:

Country Workshops – Sundqvist video project

990 Black Pine Ridge Road

Marshall, NC 28753


More later





8 thoughts on “film about Wille Sundqvist

  1. Peter, thanks for posting this. Just did my part to help with the project. Really enjoyed your presentation for EAIA and talking with you last week.

  2. I don’t REALLY need a new bandsaw. I would urge everyone to support the Kickstarter campaign so it reaches its’ goal first before sending any money by way of Drew Langser. Just my two cents.

  3. Thanks for getting the word out into ‘The Greenwood community’ , Jögge almost has the needed $5000 in one day (Three hours left) .


  4. Jennie here
    Jogge asks in his recent writing that contributions should be made thru Drew Langsner at Country Workashops.This will avoid fees to the commercial collection agency. Ths is no time for higgling about. Willie is a spiritual and craft treasure. He is 87 years old.. I would appreciat Yogge freaquently reporting collections. He could send a copy to Langsners newsletter and Peter Follansbee’s and Robinn Wood’s blogs. If the collection shoul exceed needs I am certain a good use of the funds to benifit crafts will be made.
    Jennie Alexander

  5. Jennie here.
    Yogge says send $s to Drew at Country Workshops..The other approach is subject to fees to the collecing angency. I suggest that Yogge report on Drew and Peter Follansbee’s Blogs how much has been collected. to date. In the meantime I sent my contribution.This is no time for higgling about. Wille is a spiritual and craft treasure. He is 87 years old. If an exess is collected I am certain that a good use benifitting handcafts will be found.
    I will never forget his teaching andcraft skills. He is a spiritual and craft treaasure.

    Wood is wonderful an so is Wille!

    Jennie Alexander

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