Four Centuries of Massachusetts Furniture

I got an email today from Brock Jobe at Winterthur about the website for a very involved project that is a collaboration between several museums. It’s called “Four Centuries of Massachusetts Furniture”. Here’s the link: 

cabinet, Salem Massachusetts, 1679
cabinet, Salem Massachusetts, 1679; Peabody Essex Museum

The Winterthur Forum that I was part of in March was the inaugural event – but there will be more exhibitions, lots of web content and more.

It’s very much worth the time to explore the website, and come back to it for additional content as it expands.

Thatcher cradle, Historic New England
Thatcher cradle, Historic New England




2 thoughts on “Four Centuries of Massachusetts Furniture

  1. Peter, If I remember correctly, I read (in a magazine?) that the chest in the top photo — Pope Chest, I think — rode around in the back seat of your car once. Am I remembering correctly? It was an interesting story.

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