Where I been, you don’t know…

well. I’ve been swamped lately. Just back last Sunday night from a week in Maine at Lie-Nielsen,


PF at LN
PF at LN

Here’s their tiny blurb about it:

Just finished shooting our fourth DVD with Peter Follansbee, “17th Century Great Chair.” Details coming soon…”

Because it is May, I got some osprey shots in Damariscotta.

osprey May 2013
osprey May 2013

Then finished up there with a two-day class in riving, planing & carving. First thing Monday morning it was off to work, trying to get the shop organized, then jumped right into prepping for a talk I gave today to EAIA whose annual meeting was at Plimoth. It was simple enough to do the lecture; but then all day in the shop there were toolies who stuck around and asked questions that were more in-depth than some of my usual fare. It was great, but now the lawn needs mowing, we’re trying to fence out some groundhogs; the kids’ weekend activities – (horse-back riding & baseball) are coming up and the ordinary dump run, etc.

daniel infield


Rose & Patrick




Oh, and it’s been still almost sweater weather at some recent points, but now it’s hot. so out with the woolens, find the window screens, etc.

so that’s why no blog lately. I hope to get back to it pronto.

here’s photos from the class at Lie-Nielsen, it was a great group of people – I always have a good time there. Also a  link to their facebook page about it. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151424181563016.1073741844.100708343015&type=1

carving long view

carving too much light

carving 2

carving 1



6 thoughts on “Where I been, you don’t know…

  1. Thanks for time and demo’s today at Plimoth for EAIA and taking the time to sign your book”Make a Joint Stool from a Tree”, an informing and great experience..Art

  2. Good to hear from you again Peter. As for the title of the post, well I’m stumped so what’s the song?

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