students’ carvings

Recently, I got photos from two students showing the boxes they’ve made. First, Dennis Liu sent this shot of a box he started in a class we had at Country Workshops. He ended up taking his box apart at home, so he could add a till. His note said “it was a bit fussy to fit…” – Which is why I don’t do tills in the workshops! While he had it in for surgery, he decided on oak for the lid & bottom. Great look. Extra work, but well worth it. 

carved box, Dennis Liu
carved box, Dennis Liu

Then came Seth Kelley. He took a 2-day carving class at Lie-Nielsen in which we split apart an oak bolt, planed our stock & carved some patterns. Afterwards, Seth wrote to ask me about a desk box in an article I wrote in 1996 about furniture from Braintree, Massachusetts. So I sent some notes and a couple of shots of the desk box. Nice thing about these is junk doesn’t pile up on the slanted lids as easily as on a flat-top box.

seth's box open

seths' box daylight

seth box side veiw

Buried somewhere on the blog is the article about making these boxes – 

Thanks for sending the photos  guys. Seth wins the real estate prize by sending more photos than Dennis. But both are nice work. Next carving class is coming up at Lie-Nielsen in Warren Maine, May 11-12.

Hope to see some of you there. 






4 thoughts on “students’ carvings

  1. I remember Dennis working pretty hard on his box; he picked a design that required a fair bit of accuracy to pull off, and he had the chops for it. It’s nice to see the result of that care.

    Seth’s slant top is a nice design as well, and might be a good start to a standup desk.

  2. Hi Bill, you speak the truth, Peter is keeping alive some awesome traditions and we’re all richer for it, now I’m getting firewood and furnishings from the landscapers leavings. Curt, fun to connect with you here and I agree that beautiful little slant top desk has me inspired and scheming.

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