He used to do that, now he does this



You’ll remember I used to constantly badger people about a blog called  “The Riven Word”. Well, it is no more. My friend Rick McKee is no longer at the museum, as they say. But the good news is he has landed with some old cohorts of ours and is up to some pretty interesting hijinks. And has started a new blog about it. Right now, it’s off to a slow start, but I know he’ll bring some interesting stuff to the web…so sign up and drop Rick a note. Maybe we can guilt-trip him into writing frequently. Of course, I should speak, with my one-post-a-week of late. 

here’s Rick’s new site: http://blueoakblog.wordpress.com/




One thought on “He used to do that, now he does this

  1. Dear Peter,

    Having been so inspired by your blog posts over the past couple of years, I am trying my hand at producing a WordPress blog of my own to document the comparatively humble woodwork I’m able to do in my spare time.

    I’ve yet to find out how people would be able to subscribe so that they would receive emailed notices of my posts, as I do of yours (example below).

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Your most respectfully, Gary Hugo

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