Make a Joint Stool at Roy Underhill’s July 15-19

Well, now it’s April, which means it’s practically May. Might as well be June, which makes me wonder what you’re doing this summer.

What you could do is come to Pittsboro, North Carolina to make a joint stool at Roy Underhill’s Woodwright’s School.

Out at the mill, we’ll split out an oak, and get to use a lot of wedges, hatchets and other big tools.

splitting oak w wedges
splitting oak w wedges
hewing at the mill
hewing at the mill

Maybe the owls will come out to watch.

Roy's barred owl
Roy’s barred owl

Next, we’ll take the pieces into the school’s bench-room in town and get to planing.

If we make enough shavings, the Bag Man appears.

lots of planing to do
lots of planing to do

the Bag Man
the Bag Man

Mortise & tenon joinery, drawboring, chamfering (turning for those full-tilt crazies) – it’ll be like the book come to life. I don’t remember what’s in the book, so I’ll be making it up as I go along.

chamfered frame
chamfered frame
pole lathe practice
pole lathe practice

There’ll be tools galore, I’ll bring mine, Roy’s school has tons, then there’s Ed’s store upstairs!

overall ed's

some of ed's planes

If you wanted to know about green woodworking, then a week with me & Roy ought to do it. It reminds me of Twain’s quote about Kipling: “Between us, we cover all knowledge; he knows all that can be known, and I know the rest.”


Seriously, it’s a great week there. if you are interested in learning the craft of oak joinery with old-style tools, here’s your chance. My box-carving class at Drew Langsner’s is full, with a waiting list – so this is the only other week-long class I have this summer. Unless you’re in Germany in June!

So get going. Get over to Roy’s website:

get goin'
get goin’

4 thoughts on “Make a Joint Stool at Roy Underhill’s July 15-19

  1. Hi Peter, Is there someplace that you post your teaching schedule? My daughter will be atteding school in Vergina, for two years, starting in June. When I visit maybe I could visit you also. Thanks Winston James Birchill

  2. Hey Peter, looks like an awesome class, but I probably can’t make it. You may have forgotten what you and Alexander wrote in the book, but I am enjoying reading it, over and over actually and transcribing it into project notes. I’m processing stock right now to make a stool and a form. Wonder where the name form comes from? I got lucky with some longer oak stock for the stretchers and aprons. But I’m having a hard time finding the steel tapers for making the drawboard fitting pins. I’ve found a couple of machinist supply places but their standard taper is 1/4 inch over a foot, whereas the taper you suggest in the book is about twice as steep at 15/32 over a foot (5/32 over 4 inches). Any suggestions? Thanks, Dennis

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