Carving at Lie-Nielsen May 11 & 12

Lie-Nielsen Weekend Workshops
Lie-Nielsen Weekend Workshops
worm eating warbler
worm eating warbler


Isn’t it a coincidence that my next workshop at Lie-Nielsen just happens to fall in early May, when the warbler migration will be hitting down-east?

If you’d like to come to Maine to rive, hew, plane & carve some oak for 2 days, I promise we’ll have great fun. I was just a student there myself last weekend at Matt Bickford’s class on using hollows & rounds. It was great.

PF molding


First-rate facility, nice group of people and as you know from reading this blog, I’m a fan of Matt’s work…so it was a winner all around. He’ll be back there teaching later in the summer, I think.

My class last year made the largest pile of shavings I have seen in some time, and even got a bunch of carving done too. 


So – May 11 & 12. Will I see some of you there? Here’s some stuff I have carved this past week…

lunette detail

s scrolls

chair panel etc

chair carvings


3 thoughts on “Carving at Lie-Nielsen May 11 & 12

  1. Peter,

    My wife and I will be “babysitting” grandkids in Providence next week. I would like to see Plimoth Plantation with them, but I would like to come at a time when you are likely to be there.

    Do you know your schedule in the shop next week?

    I enjoy Joiner’s Notes. I’m building my first joint stool.



    Donald L. Bartel 10 Quarry Road Ithaca, NY 14850

  2. Peter, I love that carved sign. I used to work as a draftsman for a sign writing company and we also made relief sandblasted signs (some of mine can be seen in the Wild West section of EuroDisney) – but that’s the real deal!

    If ever you are thinking of coming to England, please let us know – I’d give my eye-teeth to do one of your workshops.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing,


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