Wille Sundqvist film project



I drove home from Maine last night, (507 miles round trip) and was thinking about many things. One was my upcoming trip this summer to Drew & Louise Langsner’s, and what that connection means to me. Then this morning I got the Country Workshops newsletter with the official announcement about this project; …a film about Jogge’s father Wille. So before I go to work, I wanted to let you know about it.  Drew Langsner and Jogge Sunqvist told me the gist of it last fall. You can read it from this link. willeproject

When I know more about the fundraising, etc I will post again. This is a film I really am looking forward to.


8 thoughts on “Wille Sundqvist film project

  1. Looks great! Thanks for sharing. I noted that they are looking funding. Kickstarter.com or any of the other crowd funding sites are a great way to source funding from the public and get these projects from vision to reality. With all of the interest in the woodworking community for things like this and your ability to get the message spread, Peter, they may want to consider something like this if they’ve not already done so. Kickstarter can be found here: http://www.kickstarter.com/ and a search of the web will reveal many others.

  2. Hello Peter, thanks for sharing ! It is really great this documentary is on its way- The synopsis reflects very much how I experienced a few weeks staying in Högland back in (I think it was) 2003: A truly lifechanging experience for me.

    • Janharm – glad to see your note here. I see the effect Wille had on you – your spoons are beautiful. Think of the number of crafts-people who trace some influence back to Wille. Amazing.

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