Getting ready for Winterthur; dalbergia turnings, dovetailed drawers

planing dalbergia
planing dalbergia

Well, two days in a row and I come up with my next all-time favorite turning wood. Last time it was the Bolivian rosewood, this time it’s East Indian rosewood.

It’s hard to judge based on one experience turning this stuff, but so far so good. It does require sharp tools, but that’s what we’re supposed to have anyway. I had long wondered about the Boston turnings of the 17th century that feature woods like this…what lathe did they use, how did they cut it, etc. 

I finally decided the thing to do is try some and was glad to find that the pole lathe handled it just fine. Things clunked along, but mostly due to me trying to photograph every step of the way, in part for a record, and mostly for slides for the upcoming Furniture Forum at Winterthur…so juggling lights, camera, tripod, etc then checking the results and adjusting things. 

ready to turn it
glued up, octogon-ed, and ready to turn
rough shaping
long sleeves & gloves
detail large gouge
the large gouge roughing out the shape
some burnishing w Roubo’s polissoir
finished turning
mostly done, for the day anyway

Next time I turn this stuff, I will put the camera away & concentrate just on the turning. This example needs a little attention; but it should come out fine.

Meanwhile, I cut one of the small drawers I need…half-blind dovetails join the sides to the front. The rear is rabbeted & nailed to the end of the drawer sides. Spanish cedar moldings will decorate the pine drawer front.

half blind DT
test fit the half-blind DT
plowing drawer groove
groove for side hung action
plowing groove drawer front
groove in drawer front for bottom
nailing drawer back
nailing drawer back to sides
drawer glued up
ready for the Forum

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