silly, but worth it

Usually, Shawn Carey is photographing birds and other wildlife. This winter, I think he’s starting to crack…but what you will see is that nobody shovels snow as well as Shawn Carey. Nobody.




8 thoughts on “silly, but worth it

  1. Nobody except the Canadians. My driveway is 3x that long and I still shovel by hand and we get that much snow every week. He is funny though!

  2. I know one typically splits the pile down the middle of the drive, but prevailing winds determined my split. Or, he could move to Seattle and get a “vacation day” every day that snow sits, or accumulates, on a street. We don’t own snow shovels here, either.

  3. Thank you, Peter. There is a lot I miss about New England, but shoveling snow isn’t one of them. Though, I never had as much style as Shawn.

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