Some recently finished work

rear view joined chest
rear view joined chest

Got some photography done the other day…this one’s a joined chest that I have had around a while. I was waiting to hinge it until I could photograph the process. This is the one with the wooden hinges. Here’s the front view

joined chest
joined chest

You can see this chest in process during the Lie-Nielsen video I did on making a joined chest.

First the wooden hinge; then the interior view, with the till.

chest open hinge
wooden hinge
chest open till

Finishing up a couple of customer’s boxes at the same time…

box 2013 finished

box 2013 open

box 2013 B open

box b detail carving



10 thoughts on “Some recently finished work

  1. I like the way the beveled edges of the center rails terminate on an unbeveled section of the stiles whose bevels in turn terminate on unbeveled long rail sections. It really pulls my eye along the contours.

    Do you chisel the lambs tongue first then bevel to it? or some other process? thanks!

  2. Still very uneasy about knobs on ends of pintel hinge pins but I guess I can prove they’re a-historical either. But the raking light pics are great! I am recommending that the Winterthur conservation students study the Dedham-Medfield chest in the Delaware Room (that pine sheathing closet) very closely.

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