I’m losing time to Sweden

Twice in the past two days I have spent over an hour reading websites from Sweden…

The first one I got to through my blog, someone sent a link or something. I have forgotten now. But it was thoroughly enjoyable. A British fellow, Kevin Warrington, moved to the north of Sweden. Has woodwork, reindeer (a big deal in my house this week) and BIRDS. Her’es one of his photos, this reindeer is not on the Jones River!




The 2nd one I got to through a post in the bodgers forum – and it’s a doozie…don’t click the link unless you have time to spare. But when you do, you’ll be amazed. Great stuff. I’m revisiting this site a lot, I know.



swedish site banner



I don’t have a “blogroll” on my site…just never bothered to set it up. But while I am mentioning stuff I have read on the web, here’s some other sites I read regularly. Most of you have heard me go on about these before.


Robin Wood
Robin Wood

I never skip nor skim Robin Wood’s blog – http://greenwood-carving.blogspot.com/ His was one of the inspirations for mine.

Kari's carving in progress
Kari’s carving in progress

Kari Hultman’s http://villagecarpenter.blogspot.com/ was also one I looked at regularly when I was trying to decide whether to dive into this blog stuff..Kari doesn’t write as much now as formerly, which means she has more time for her life & woodwork. But it’s still worth watching to catch when she does…plus you can read the old ones there.

Doug Stowe
Doug Stowe

Doug Stowe writes a blog about woodworking and education.  His woodwork & mine are miles apart. But I don’t miss his posts. Lately his work has been driven by what happened in Newtown, CT -here’s his site:  http://wisdomofhands.blogspot.com/



I have no idea what a shooting board is. Nor what it’s for. But through the Lie-Nielsen crowd, I have met many folks who now count as friends. One is Tico Vogt, who makes great shooting boards. Disregarding my ignorance of these things,  I read his blog without fail. The stories about his father, recently one about a potter friend, these are great pieces of writing. Plow through Tico’s back pages, there’s great stuff there. http://www.ticovogt.com/?p=846

riven word gang
riven word gang

Of course, the riven word blog – essentially my friend Rick McKee at Plimoth Plantation, but it features the work of a bunch of folks. Rick’s approach is fun, funny, interesting & informative, without being drybones about it… http://blogs.plimoth.org/rivenword/


Likewise, I’ll say it again. Louise’s blog. If you eat food, just get it. http://louiselangsner.wordpress.com/

HN painting
HN painting

My all-time friend Heather Neill keeps a blog about her painting, gardens and whatever runs across her cranium down in central PA. Her paintings are astonishing. http://heatherneill.com/studio-blog/

There must be more – I read Chris’ blogs, but like many, these cost me money when he posts a book, etc that becomes a must-have. http://blog.lostartpress.com/




6 thoughts on “I’m losing time to Sweden

  1. And I´m sitting here in Sweden reading your inspiring blog! It´s a small world! Feel free to ask if you need any help with translations or anything! All the best

  2. Hey thanks for the links. I like seeing other peoples blogs especially from other countries as it can always give us some perspective on the way we do things.

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