the kids’ seasonal return to the workshop

With the winter season here, it’s time for my kids to get some woodworking in. I had plenty of fun. They’re making boxes, and just learning some patience, in that the box will be a multi-session project. Tough lesson to learn for little kids, especially in December.




8 thoughts on “the kids’ seasonal return to the workshop

  1. This is priceless! But my 5 y/o now is asking why your kids get to use your hand planes but she hasn’t been allowed to use mine. “Because Emma, mine are sharper.”

  2. Peter: Nice to see the kids learning your craft. Fun for all of you, I am sure. Dad would say December is a tough time for kids, but patience is hard to teach at any time.

  3. Gidday, Peter.
    Great to see your kids getting into it.
    However, I reckon you need to make a bench which is an appropriate height for them. I teach hand tool woodworking to kids and adults from age 4 to 104, and learned long ago that having benches and gear appropriate to the users is essential for helping them get into the joy of woodworking.
    You and I don’t work at a bench at chin height… and we’d probably loose our enthusiasm pretty quickly if we had to!
    So here’s a suggestion: How about building a scaled down 17th century bench as a holiday project with your kids? It might be a December to remember…

    Keep up the great work!

    Cheers from Down Under,

  4. Goodness, they have grown up so much since I saw them last. They’re almost out of “early childhood” aren’t they? Best wishes to all.

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