paneled lid on joined chest

carved chest, paneled lid, 2012
carved chest, paneled lid, 2012

Now that the Joined Chest DVD is out & among us, In the video we included a photo gallery that has a paneled lidded chest, but I don’t go into detail about how to make one…Now I am shifting back to work on the accompanying book. In the book, I plan on having variations that were beyond the scope of the video. One variation will be detailed discussion and illustration of paneled lids. I wrote a bit about them a while ago but I finished this chest a couple of weeks ago & got some final photos of it yesterday. 

detail paneled lid
detail paneled lid

This one I made with the front and rear “rails” full-width of the chest. Sometimes the left & right “stiles” run the full depth of the chest, so the long rails fit between them. There is no right or wrong on the formatting of a paneled lid like this. I recall one which has the rear rail full-width and the front rail fits between the stiles. That’s complicated when it comes time for layout. 

I used chamfers around the panels, moldings on the framing parts. Then a thumbnail all around the lid. 

another view
another view

It wasn’t’ until I was viewing these photos that I noticed some carving details that I guess are mistakes….but I can live just fine with them. Notes on this photo:

carving details picked out
carving details picked out

(Agghh – WordPress switched gears on me & now I have to go re-figure how to make photos able to click & enlarge…I like the pictures to go BIG. My apologies) – THANKS TO ERIC IT’S FIXED. YOU CAN NOW SEE THESE PHOTOS LARGER IF INCLINED. JUST CLICK ‘EM. THANKS, ERIC. 


8 thoughts on “paneled lid on joined chest

  1. Hi Peter,

    Next time you add a photo, make sure the ‘Link To’ option is pointed to “Attachment Page”. It should remember the setting after that. To fix existing pictures, click on the image and hit the edit image button, and then click on Link to Image in the Link URL option. That should do it.


  2. Hi Peter,

    Just curious but is there a photo of the underside of the paneled lid somewhere?

    The panels seem to be deeply recessed from the top side and I’m wondering whether they are equally so on the underside, and whether they are planed similarly to the pine panels employed on the rear of the chest.



  3. One of the things I love about your work is that it is obviously hand made. No machine like precision, just very well done. Your pieces are something that I find I can aspire to. The high precision stuff is nice to look at but I’m never tempted to think I could replicate it.

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