Red-shouldered hawk and an update

Took the kids to school the other day & saw this Red-shouldered hawk.

Red-shouldered hawk
front view Red-shouldered hawk



My day job is a pretty busy place these days, Thanksgiving is sort of a big deal there. (for overseas readers, it’s a long story, but it amounts to 4.000 visitors per day Thursday – Saturday this week…)  So no real action here.

TOOL SALE:. For tool customers, I will pack & ship your tools after the weekend. Then I think I’ll let the tools slide for the month of December. Everyone is crazy enough in December and I don’t feel like adding to  any extra craziness. I usually spend as much of December as I can walking in the woods. And cleaning the shop.

SPOONS – I will have a few spoons done in the next couple of weeks, just because I had been planning it, and some have asked about them as gifts. So a small batch coming up in about 2 weeks.

WORKSHOPS/TEACHING – I did a post about my 2013 schedule, and I will make it a static page on the blog next week so folks can find it. Meantime, the link is here:

And with winter coming on, more posts here about work in the shop.


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