6 thoughts on “I couldn’t get anything done today…

  1. Beautiful bird of prey. They are awesome. I’ve flown with them in thermals and on ridge lift — while flying my Hang Glider. It’s an awesome sight to share the same air with them. Especially the times they are at the same altitude, flying just off the end of your wing tip!

  2. I think your bird photography skills are on par with your carving and joining.
    We have had a huge, beautiful Falcon visiting us lately and I’m determined to get a nice picture of him.

    • James – I keep forgetting the language barrier. Here, it’s a Red-tailed hawk. In the UK = it’s a buzzard. Latin name is buteo buteo in both cases, I believe.

      • Hello Peter,Great pictures of a beautiful bird.We have a pair nesting not too far from our home in Wales-they use an old railway trackbed as a hunting ground.As you rightly say our Buzzard and your Hawk are of the same Genus-Buteo,but they are slightly different,the Buzzard is as you say Buteo buteo,but I would suspect that the Red-tailed Hawk in your neighbourhood is likely to be Buteo jamaicensis borealisis,it was the red tail feathers and white voluminous undercarriage that signalled to me that we were dealing with slightly different birds,as otherwise they look very similar.
        Great blog by the way-enjoy reading about both your interests.Just an aside,what honing angle do you use for your wood-bodied planes,esp. the european horned ones?

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