Joined chest DVD error to be fixed

New DVD from Lie-Nielsen


Got this note recently from a reader of the blog, about the Joined Chest DVD

“At 3:05:16 in the chapter on Making and Installing the Top there is a big red error screen that says Media Offline #15067 for a short while, like 15-25 seconds. It looks like a small section of video is missing when they compiled the video. ”


I wrote to Thomas Lie-Nielsen, and he replied:

“Yeah, … It is true.  We’ve pulled them and will reprint. Sorry!”

When I get new ones, I’ll send out clean copies to those who bought from the blog. I’ll keep you posted when I hear more.



2 thoughts on “Joined chest DVD error to be fixed

  1. Actually I don’t even think you miss anything in those 15-25 seconds, for you can still hear you voice. I will keep mine and don’t need a new one. Great DVD, highly recommend it.

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