tool racks

Remember this joint?

I was back there this week as part of a group of museum folks and preservation carpentry people recording the details of this building and its fixtures. I can’t go into great detail here on the project, it’s quite convoluted. But the building is in good hands and has a lot of people watching over its next phase.

If I hadn’t just converted to a tool chest, and hadn’t just written about how stupid tool and chisel racks are, I would be making many of these for my shop…

tool rack

ahh, I’ll probably make some anyway. Here’s my sketch of the first one. 1/4″ grid.

tool rack

Here’s another, made to hold just one chisel. How’s that for specialized? the slot is 1/4″ x 1″.

bracket for one chisel

7 thoughts on “tool racks

  1. Peter, why not tool racks that fit in a tool chest? Can be lifted out and placed on the bench whilst working and then placed back in chest. I am working on this at present – I am prototyping the racks, and then working out a chest design to fit them! All using garbage pine collected from the council cleanup stuff left on the footpath. My bench is 900mm wide and all-sides-accessible so moveable racks are feasible. The question is – will I build the _proper_ chest out of better wood or just use the prototype? I am still using my fold-up shave horse prototype made out of the same stuff. Why are all the edges chamfered?

    Seems a long time since we chatted at the end of May in Plimoth, thanks again for your time, and signing the book, great workshop.

    Peter in Sydney beautiful Spring weahter.

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