Joined chest DVD now available

New DVD from Lie-Nielsen

I went down to Manchester, CT the other day for a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. As always, I had more fun than I could stand…and just as I came in the door, Ted Dishner of LN saw me & told me, “we have your new DVD…”

So, if you have a few hours to watch me thrash an oak log apart and build a joined chest, you can do so from the comfort of your own home – otherwise, you have to stand at the railing in my shop at the museum.

We shot the DVD last spring in Maine, it includes splitting and riving the stock apart, hewing and planing, then layout, joinery and assembly. I cut notches for the till, and show how to install that, and make a tongue-and-groove white pine floor. The lid is also white pine, a single-width board. For the finale, I attach the lid with iron “snipebill” hinges, (what I call “gimmals” – the 17th-century term for them.)

The disc runs over 200 minutes and is broken into 18 chapters so you can get around to the segment you nodded off at. There is additional content accessed through your computer; some measurements, photos and other bits and pieces.

I have 10 of these discs for sale, you can order from me by emailing me with your mailing info. Price is $42, shipped media mail in the US. Of course, as always you can buy the disc directly from Lie-Nielsen too, while you are there buying tools and other goodies. They have my two previous DVDs on carving, they also sell the joint stool book.

9 thoughts on “Joined chest DVD now available

  1. I’ve ordered mine.

    You said, “…is broken into 18 chapters so you can get around to the segment you nodded off at.” Maybe I have a sick mind but, I don’t think I’ll be nodding off. :)

  2. I’ll take one, I can’t afford to press my nose against the glass at LN let alone walk in the door. Kevin Wilkinson 13 Cross St Montpelier, VT 05602

    • The price isn’t that much different. I didn’t realize Peter had some copies available directly from him until after I ordered from the LN web site. I guess I was too excited to read the entire post! :) But, the LN price was close to the same.

  3. Hi Peter,

    If you haven’t already sent the tools, you can add the disc to the box and the bill!

    Thanks very much!
    Derek MacInnis

  4. I recieved my copy of the “17th Century Joined Chest” yesterday. It is excellent! Very well done.

    It’s informative and instructional covering areas I’ve read about but, being able to see knowledgeable, good and experienced woodworker performing the tasks is the next best thing to being an apprentice. The DVD does a good job of showing the details being discussed.

    It’s a very good resource and worth every penny.


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