today’s ramble

earthquake, Maine, Oct 16, 2012

Lots happening. Last night, I felt the little old house wiggle (more like a “thunk”) and heard stuff slosh around a bit. Told the kids, who were going to bed, that a large truck must have just gone by…Rose said “I didn’t hear a truck.” Later, I read about the earthquake in Maine. My first ever experience with one.

Early this month, the local red-tail hawk showed up. Our museum has chickens running around it, and no shortage of chipmunks  etc… These hawks become very tolerant of humans. Good for photos, it is.

Red tail hawk, Oct 3

I have been carving some spoons lately, here working on a maple one from a small sapling I removed from the yard to open the view a bit.

hatchet work

said view here:

Jones River


There will be more spoons for sale soon. I went for a walk this morning before work…

leaving the shop

past the forge…

forge and gate

and down the Eel river walkway…

again, a bit further on

another view of the Eel river

Where I collected this crook of cherry, a ladle to be.

cherry crook

I don’t have any time to delve into this chunk of wood until after the weekend. But it looks promising. So, more later.




10 thoughts on “today’s ramble

  1. I was in the shop when I experienced my first earthquake in 2011. Scary stuff. I had some lumber fall off the racks. I made a beeline for the door. No real damage in the shop. The house, well … all of our barware fell off the shelves. Such is life I guess.

  2. I was in bed last night for my usual nap before going to work when the bed shook for about 5 seconds. This is probably the fourth quake in VT since I’ve been here (1986) and the first I took notice of. That’s a great looking hatchet and a very nice cherry crook.

  3. Peter,
    What is your recommendation on hatchet length and weight. I see that Han’s hatchet at the country workshop is 14″ long 24oz with a 3 3/4″ blade are these decent specifications to look out for in a carving axe?

  4. We were living up in Sandwich NH when the 88 earthquake hit. I complained at my Newfoundland Dog for scratching and shaking the floor. She walked out of the hall while things were still moving and I thought nope not the dog..

  5. Peter, when you “harvest” wood while on a walk like that crook of cherry, are you carrying a saw with you? I often go for walks in the woods near our house and wonder about how I would bring home spoon stock when I see a recently-downed limb. I have thought about getting one of those folding bow saws to carry in a backpack while I walk.

  6. The mid-Atlantic earthquake was scary….lasted at least 30 seconds….tools fell off the racks….felt like a large train that kept going by…..

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