another argument for working out of a tool chest

I am a recent convert, like many, to working out of a tool chest instead of hanging tools on racks, using shelves, etc… (here are some old posts about it )

but there’s still lots of tools hanging around. I put a chisel away today, and found yet another argument for using the tool chest.

good reason for a tool chest

So I know some of what I will do in the shop tomorrow.

tomorrow’s task

Here is one of many boxes I made in the summer, when it was too hot for real woodworking. The blocks to separate the chisels were based on something I saw in the new edition of the Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton. (this detail is in the old edition too, but I was only looking at the book because I had got the new edition…)

mortise chisels

I got my copy of the Seaton book by joining the Tools & Trades Historical Society… – it’s worth a shot if you haven’t already done so. But it might be you have to buy the book at this point…I don’t know. You gotta have it either way.



9 thoughts on “another argument for working out of a tool chest

  1. Peter

    I suggest that you consider making a shallow mortise in in your benchtop in front of your bench hook so the hook can be tapped down beneath the bench surface. Your photo of the chisel and the hook is teling. Someday the two may meet to the detriment of the chisel. Or, worse yet, perhaps the toothy critter will attack you. I think you probably have a slide or two from Baltimore that speaks words on this subject.


  2. The second edition Benjamin season book was available from Tools For Working Wood earlier this year. Unless they sold out already.

  3. I keep hearing the pro-chest argument…

    …Doesnt it slow you down?

    I guess when Im blacksmithing its easier to grab heavy iron stakes than futz with case….but it seems like shelves are faster to grab something.

    …in the event of emergency woodworking, lol


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