Some Stanley rabbet planes

A quick couple of tools. I am sifting through the last bits of this shipment. There are still some boxes I haven’t got to. But these are what I photographed the other day.

planes here

Stanley # 78 made in USA

I still have some Marples chisels too. SOLD. THANKS, NICK. the hideous blue plastic handles can be removed, I’m told. then you can make nice wooden handles. which is what I’ll end up doing if I get stuck with these. So save me the trouble, & use up some scrap wood to get a decent looking chisel. Sizes are 1/2″ and 3/8″ = also a couple of Stanley ones with similar ugly handles. 12mm whatever size that is. 10mm too.   $10 each.



4 thoughts on “Some Stanley rabbet planes

  1. Any clues as to how you’ll get the handles off the ugly Marples? I recently sold 4 of them because not only are the handles ugly they don’t feel good in use. I have a double bevel skew though that is a nice tool so want to get rid of the plastic and make some wood for it. Any advice on how to go about it? I’d thought of a propane torch but……… ?

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